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"On its own, the SA3 is an excellent amplifier with a high level of linearity. Price-performance ratio is at an extreme level. The Bluetooth dongle is virtually a no-brainer thanks to aptX transmission and Wolfson converter in the amplifier."


If there is too much effusive praise from their authors, the editor-in-chief sometimes slows down a bit. But here I can counter with great certainty:


The IOTAVX SA3 integrated amplifier is a delight. Considering the fair price of only 449 euros, it offers first-class sound quality, a wide range of connections and plenty of performance. If the PA3 power amplifier is then switched on, IOTAVX ignites the sound turbo.


The IOTAVX integrated amplifier is a great achievement. More features and more power are hardly possible


The IOTAVX SA3 + PA3 is the slightly better SA3. If you want to party often, often listen very loudly or have power-guzzling transducers, you can use the PA3 to turn the SA3 into a really potent and stable amplifier for a little more pocket money.


If you want an increase, you can also couple the SA3 with the appropriate PA 3 power amplifier - this ensures increased power and control


That's right: With the stereo components SA3 and PA3, IOTAVX provides proof of how well inexpensive stereo can work.

Total entries: 7