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“Outstanding” award for IOTAVX SA3 & PA3

2019-07-30 11:22:00 / PA3 SA3
“Outstanding” award for IOTAVX SA3 & PA3 - “Outstanding” award for IOTAVX SA3 & PA3
"The IOTAVX integrated amplifier is a great achievement. More features and more power are hardly possible. The SA3 is flexible, but - which is actually only understandable at this price - still has room for improvement in various areas. That means: You can have peace of mind with the integrated amplifier "Get in and then gradually expand: with an external DAC, an external phono stage and of course with the in-house PA3 power amplifier. This power plant is also a sensation. Where else can you get such a low-noise mono power amplifier with just under 200 watts for 350 euros?" - Holger Biermann, Lowbeats
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